System explanation
System explanation

For you to light up your garden and get the best results we advise you to take the following steps: 

  1. Choose your lighting within the Garden Lights product range
  2. The total amount of watts of the chosen lighting determines the total amount of watts of the transformer (22, 60 or 150 watt)
  3. In case your system needs a 22 or 60 watt transformer it is recommended to start with a maincable 10 meter SPT-1W with 4 connectors, or with 6 meter SPT-1W extension cord or with a cable devider.
    In case your system requires a 150 watt transformer you are advised to start with a SPT-3W main cable, or with an extension cable 10 meter SPT-3 or a cable devider.

The location in the garden defines how many extension cables and cable connectors are needed.

Now you can start the installation. Cables do not have to be dug into the ground and can be extended or adapted at any time. The product range contains a number of different transformers, main cables, extension cables and cable connectors.

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